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Choosing a toastmaster

When choosing a toastmaster there are a few facts that will help you

  • Make sure the toastmaster fits your style of wedding, talk to them and look at the website and social media. Have they won any awards or accreditations? Most toastmasters have been trained by an officially recognised guild or company if they were not then steer clear

  • Be careful of toastmasters being your DJ, your photographer and so on (Jack of all trades)Toastmasters like me that are celebrant too is ok because it’s all in our training as a toastmaster

  • Some couples say that the best man or uncle Fred is going to be the toastmaster, be very careful who you choose if you don’t have a professional, I have seen some disasters. One word can upset the other guests, and uncle Fred wants to enjoy themself too. toastmasters know how to act and entertain

  • Some venues may say that they will do the toastmaster announcements and guide guests but, with respect, the venue management co-ordinator is not a toastmaster and doesn’t spend time like a toastmaster would to go the extra mile, they don’t wear a red tail coat either

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