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Your Wedding Day


What I Do

Everything we discussed at the pre wedding consultation is put into place, including 


  • Room(s) set up

  • Sound and light is set

  • Discuss the day with the venue staff, including timing of the day

  • Set my portable speaker and microphones in position


My role as toastmaster takes many guises, but the one thing they have in common is that they should make the event memorable - for all the right reasons!



The day is bespoke to what you want


    Did you know that I will be your wedding for over 10 hours 

  - Much more about my role below -

.... more about the day

  • Introduce myself meet and greet your guests

The guests will be informed what is happening where to go and who is doing what

  • The wedding ceremony or blessing

I make sure that all the formalities come together, Groom and groomsmen, family and friends and of course the bride are all in the right place, calming the nerves and on hand to offer a glass of water

  • Seamless and smooth

After the ceremony I am usually helping the photographer with the photo list and liaising with staff making sure the next part of the day is set, there are many different parts of the day in some cases and so I make sure the next part is ready. Throughout the day I am communicating with the photographer & videographer

  • Raise the roof

This is a really fun part of the day and memorable for everyone, this is where I get the guests involved and making sure they raise the roof with cheer and as much noise as possible welcoming our happy couple into the reception room for the first time

  • Time to eat

The wedding breakfast is a special moment at any wedding and I make it a key time to ensure that the guests relax and enjoy. If this is buffet style then of course this will be done in an organised manor (if you want to know more just ask)


  •  Speeches 

This is a time where I will make the build up essential. About 10 minutes before the speeches start I make an announcement for the guests informing them what's about to happen. I would speak to each person that is going to speak before hand and put them at ease, introduce each one and at the end of each speech get them a round of applause

  • Entertainment

During the evening I announce - signing book, photobooth and anything else that guests need to know about. If a live band/singer is going to perform then is also announced 

  • Cake & dance

Cutting the wedding cake - announcement is made 10 minutes before and again I build this up asking for guests to gather and get there cameras ready


First dance - I prepare the happy couple for the first dance and organise the guests before this special moment so everyone can see the couple on the dance floor (if there is more than one dance on the night then we can discuss at the pre wedding consultation) 

Look at my short video clip "What I Do" 


Making the day run smoothly - Organised, stress free day

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